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"To be alive is to move!

        .  .  .  to move our physical bodies, to be moved emotionally."


Practice Philosophy, aka Why I do What I do

The goal of my massage, rooted in my Qi Gong practice, is to remove obstacles to movement, encouraging free range of motion in muscles and joints, unimpeded flow of body fluids, and unimpaired nerve transmission.  Hands sensitive and strong, truly present and intelligent are the foundation.  I adapt my technique to your need.  I use my own proprietary blend of massage oils to enhance massage results.

My massage philosophy closely aligns with that of the school where I did my basic training:  The International School of Integrated Therapy in North Bennington, Vt.  I am eternally grateful to my teachers there, Michael Jameison, the current owner, and his wife, Judith Jameison, who has since passed.  Their sense of the massage tailored to the client's need, a truly artisan approach, informs my every massage.  Visit their website at:   And also note, a colleague recently did a search of massage schools in Vermont.  They come and go.  This one has endured.  There must be a reason!

I bring my medical career background with regard to the conventions of best practices, hygiene, and HIPPA to my practice.  I bring my life’s experiences as a former runner and current Qi Gong practitioner, as a person who has worked offices job and sat hunched over a computer, as an aging human being with the usual stresses of life.

My ideal client:

  • recognizes massage as more than pampering
  • is looking to improve their well being and quality of life
  • recognizes that the steps they take today impact their future health
  • knows that health is not a spectator sport.

I give massage because I recognize the importance of touch in our lives.  Touch is powerful. Respectful, caring touch can help reconnect us to ourselves, regardless our walk of life.  Athletes and dancers, as well as those less physically active, perhaps with physical challenges -- all of us benefit from the right touch.  I give massage because I enjoy one-to-one interactions with individuals, listening closely and meeting you where you are at, utilizing the massage techniques that best suit your needs that day.

Other interests informing my massage practice include herbal and aromatic studies.  I utilize only the finest, highest-quality wildcrafted and organic essential oils and carrier oils in my massage oil blends, no fillers or adulterants of any type.  Oils that are 100% pure and of the highest grade for therapeutic purposes.  I can tell you exactly what is in my massage oils.  My therapeutic strength oils are made at about 30 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil, as compared to a smells-nice oil utilizing 5-10 drops of essential oil to one ounce of carrier oil.


Please see my Hours and Scheduling page for the FOUR guarantees that make my artisan massage a cut above.

Please see my page titled More Thoughts on Massage and Touch.

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